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Lena Erziak at the forefront of femininity (with interview)

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Based between paris, new york, brussels and marrakesh, léona erziak has followed her instinct and passion for design. after a collection of chic handbags, receiving compliments from famous customers such as beyoncé, jennifer lopez and katy perry, in 2016 she launched her line of stylish shoes handmade in italy. a meeting with the designer who presents her latest collection titled “a midsummer night’s dream”. interview with léona erziak:i’m obsessed with shoes. i don’t know where it came from, maybe it’s a freudian thing that i didn’t fix, i didn’t settle, i don’t know what it is but i find that a shoe completes an outfit. it’s a bit mad, i have more than a thousand pairs of shoes so i think it was really obvious for me to make shoes instead of buying them so it was time for me to do it. i come from a family of artists, artisans. my mother is a seamstress and she makes handmade caftans. she even knows how to weave with her feet which is quite funny. my father has been a pottery sculptor for more than 10 generations. they have seen the not so nice side of artisans and told me that it can be difficult to make ends meet at the end of the month so they pushed me to study and not do the same thing as them. i worked in investment and the real estate was great at one point but in 2008 the whole world crashed and for me it was a now or never moment to do what i really loved. i think lena erziak is the epitome of femininity. the dna of her brand is completely inspired by the old hollywood era with ava garner and marilyn monroe. you can see our best seller which is the freya. we brought it back for a second season and it was inspired by degas who was a french painter and obsessed with dancers and ballerinas. for me it was a real challenge to make a shoe with a chunky heel which supports and takes the weight of the woman but at the same time is something much lighter and more frivolous.