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6 oct. 2017
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PeclersParis - Earthly escapade - Woman's trend - SS2019

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6 oct. 2017

A threatened nature inspires the need to dream and fantasize about our planet. We begin by observing the extraordinary world of vegetation and reinterpreting it with technological effects. The comfort of athleisure, now essential, is sublimated and adapted to climate data while the edges of the everyday wardrobe and blurred as original, technical innovations open up new perspectives.

An immense park in the center of Singapore evokes the concept of a city inside a garden.
Since its creation, over 20 million visitors have come here looking for a piece of a dream. “Gardens by the bay”.

Soft Sci-FI

A mystical-psychedelic experiment in a soft, modernized, 70s mineral universe where fitted, organic, precious silhouettes create a super-sensual tension. Lurex, metallic effects and lunar reflections blend with the vivid dryness of arid lands in iridescent pastels.

Between brutalism and futurism, the stairway in the Praxis house, by architect Agustin Hernandez Navarro in Mexico City.
As if from elsewhere, strange hair and a New Age toga in the online magazine Fucking Young!
Bella Freud’s tunnel-necked, ultra-glitter tunic in gold lurex, oversized hoop earrings and colorblock “swimming pool” eyelids create the bold look of a 70s tribal extraterrtestrial. Dazed Magazine.
Rifat Ozbek’s vintage exoticism: he dipped Linda Evangelista’s feet in gold to make her a surreal goddess at his 1994 fashion show.
Metal pumps, academic blue, ultra-highwaisted dance shorts and a sleeveless top for a strange creature sitting on a tree branch in the sunshine.
Back to nature in the desert: a young woman with psychedelic hair tries a new experience.
Sheath skirt in slippery, mercury-like sequins worn with a tank top and bare feet on the dry desert sands, Dior

Happy Urban Nature

Re-enchant the everyday with a joyous explosion of urban exoticism that borrows its exuberance from an abundant nature.
A colorful, cheerful wardrobe that mixes sport knits, fringe, net tank tops, 90s jeans and plastic materials. A sporty, cool look in “good vibration” colors.

A disheveled, multicolored, exotic bird par excellence as photographed by Caroline Tompkins for Metal magazine.
The wild, cheerful colors and crazy, sculptural form of the Kimano, a horny cucumber from Africa.
Abundance and brilliant colors in a South American food market.
A dazzling smile and a flounced, pleated, plant-inspired top, Dazed Magazine.
This guest house in the midst of a tropical Brazilian forest welcomes those who want to draw inspiration from nature to make artistic creations. “ARCA” by Marko Brajovic.
The buoyant novelty of a chair with a unkempt seat made of plastic laniers by artist Joel D’Orazio.
Sporty sweatshirt, fringed wrap skirt and pool slides: an eclectic blend for a super-desirable, happy urban look, Joseph SS 17.


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