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4 oct. 2017
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Carlin Creative trend Bureau – Kids trend - SS 2019

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4 oct. 2017

For summer 2019, Carlin gives peps to children’s wardrobe!
New urban codes channel vivid, strong and whimsical ideas for new creative convictions!

The CLASH spirit bursts urban sporty

A comic spirit bring creativity to the silhouette.
Polo collar with zip and fleece shorts with lively pocket, are the essential elements of a range products with strong identities.
We dare the "mix & match". It’s time for dressy sophisticated and sporty technical mixes.
The baby boy is expressively vivacious!

A small side «  Cheeky chap »

The graphic hand wins!
Patterns with surrealist codes and divergent and provocative innovation give character to print. This “cheeky chap” narrative graphic disturbs spaces for a freely asserted character!

Vividly vivacious colors

The range is hi-viz and plays with orange and green.
We put forward an ultra-expressive innovation between clashes via colors and materials.
With a rebel orange coming out of the frame, a green that puts to valorization, and a blue that reinforces these bright colors, the baby boy asserts itself on the playground!

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 Carlin Creative Trend Bureau


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