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4 oct. 2017
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Trendzoom: Design Forecast Jewellery, Eyewear, Hats A/W 18/19

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4 oct. 2017

Familiar utility and hardware components inspire an adaptable approach to JEWELLERY design. In EYEWEAR, directional looks combine old and new aesthetics adding a familiar undertone to contemporary styles. HATS are in retro mood, here the look dips into black music culture, revisiting defining styles from the ‘80s urban scene.
Samples are taken from a 56-page report published: August, 2017.

JEWELLERY: the concept of strength and toughness is an overarching jewellery theme. Familiar utility and hardware components inspire an adaptable approach to design.

EYEWEAR: narrow, low-cut frames are street-savvy and wearable. This urban look appeals to all markets and adapts to all areas of eyewear.

HEADWEAR: faux fur and shearling provides insulated materials for hats. The look includes printed and natural animal textures in oversized proportions.

Pages in our design reports include highly detailed design flats and key, forward-moving looks handpicked by our research team. All the sketches are ready to download from a single Adobe Illustrator Matrix.
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