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22 sept. 2017
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Splendor & Disorder - Woman's trend - Spring/Summer 2019 (PeclersParis)

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22 sept. 2017

With the shake-up of values and surge of current-event images, a reworked, collage,mix-and-match aesthetic is created that triggers our desire to explore archives, unearth treasures and celebrate the precious skills of the past. A joyous muddle and eccentric exuberance are expressed in cute, slightly provocative silhouettes and the spontaneous mix of recycled archives from different eras, folk inspirations, gaudy prints and Candid freshness... All updated by unexpected associations.

Artist Aruna Canevascini takes a new look at famous paintings in her photos (here “The Great Odalisque” by Jean-Auguste- Dominique Ingres).

Aristo flashy

Ultra-chic elegance in an opulent, Mediterranean décor with assertive bling accents. Diva swimsuits and robes, a gangster attitude and scarf-printed terrycloths or silkies emphasized by flashy jewelry that evokes the scandalous side of “la dolce vita”.

The mythical couple Sophie Loren and Carlo Ponti’s villa in the 60s evokes the magnificence
of La Dolce Vita.

Draped bathing suit and terrycloth robe in matching pop floral print, a deliciously 60s extravagance. Miu Miu, Pop Magazine..

A chic gangster suit in white satin with plunging décolleté, worn haughtily with tinted sunglasses and jewelry. Helmut Lang.

Carla Bruni poses in a splendid Roman palace surrounded by silky fabrics with bare feet, a long, slit skirt and sexy bustier.

A luxurious chaos of precious jewelry, citrus fruit, handbags and textured nibbles suggest evenings where sumptuous disorder reigns. Photo Rebecca Storm.

Gold swan and crystal faucets in a marble bathroom, a gaudy decor that seems right out of Martin Scorsese’s film “The Godfather”.

Lounging at the beach with flair, Maria Callas, wearing extraordinary earrings, assumes her elegant role as a Prima Donna, even on Lido beach in Venice.

Scarf-print silkies for these slightly “too much” models like Greek gods in a 1995 Versace ad campaign.

Vegas Boudoir

Precious, satiny, ultra-feminine, retro lingerie… between a 20s boudoir and faux kitsch, “Hollywood” decor.
Nighties, pajamas and camisoles with an outdated yet sexy exoticism make up the wardrobe of a modern charmer.

A table dressed up like a dinette.Amuse bouche, Issue 9.

The sugary charm of beaded fruit jewelry. Nicole Maria Winkler photo.

Actress Anna May Wong had a Hollywood career in the early 20s and then became an international fashion icon in Europe.

This temple in hallucinatory colors mixes Asian and European codes. Cao Dai in Tay Ninh, Vietnam.

An off-beat, delicately embroidered message on silk for a sexy 40s outfit, Guermantes Vintage.

Fifi Chachnil’s satiny, retro lingerie and silk pajamas printed with Hillier Bartley engravings create a troubling, bewitching mood.


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