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6 sept. 2017
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Fashion Trend Forecast - Fall/Winter 2018-19 (Trendzoom)

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6 sept. 2017

This exciting introduction to the new season provides a solid analysis of three core themes: RESPECTus, MICROmanAGE and ACCIDENTISM.

The forecast report defines these key trends by bringing together multidisciplinary research and detailed fashion analysis.

Sample pages from an 84-page report published: August, 2017.

We explore what’s happening culturally in music, books, photography, architecture, interior design, art, films and video, and translate the influence of science, technology and food.
This wide-ranging research is then channeled into the main themes, which expand into clear, actionable trend information for Women, Men and Youth categories.

The core themes are: RESPECTus – respectful design and politically-charged art bring ordinary people’s lives into focus, and add a human aspect to the creative process.

MICROmanAGE expands on the small experiences and tiny things shaping the future, in an age where non-human influencers impact on real life.

ACCIDENTISM, which explores the idea of design occurring as if by chance, an accidental look driven by instinct and emotion.

TRENDZOOM, Fashion Trend Forecasting Service delivers both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion community. The company remains an independent force in the marketplace, and one that continues to accurately anticipate trends ahead of the competition.

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