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16 ene. 2017
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Carlin Creative Trend Bureau: Impulse vision 2019 #1 trends - A new tech-appeal

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16 ene. 2017

Subjected to an "epidemic" of global narcissism, the ‘Ego-lovers' we became tend to seek ever more seductive products.

On the occasion of the release of its new IMPULSE trend book, Carlin Creative Trend Bureau unveils ‘Obsession’, the new trend that mixes technology with an elegant tactile seduction.
Magentas become sensual via felted velvety effects. The surfaces adopt a matt and structured finishes to create a new intimacy between the product and its user.

Création Carlin

Close to the heart, complicit, technology “gems” show us off to our best.

Innovation becomes refined thanks to the 3D printing which allows the realization of light and complex structures, as for this project of this headphones co-created by Carlin and Fabulous.
Wireless, with printed elastomeric cushions, its anatomic design guarantees a perfect comfort.

3D print headphone - Co-creation: FABULOUS for CARLIN

Thus our ego-fuelled desires will be filled!

To decode and anticipate other trends of products and services for tomorrow, you can access our innovative concepts and material in the IMPULSION vision 2019 #1 by Carlin Creative Trend Bureau.

For more information, see here: Carlin creative trend  bureau

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