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29 nov. 2016
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Arsutoria: Trends S/S 2018 – Extreme - Concept & Materials

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29 nov. 2016

Trends S/S 2018 – EXTREME – Concept & Materials - Arsutoria

EXTREME as the need to explore uncharted territories, the relationship between man and unwelcoming environments represented by a wild and rebellious nature.
The most extreme experimentation links two very contrasting worlds such as the natural organic and high performance sport. EXTREME is outdoor, urban, wild, and metropolis.
EXTREME sports and wildlife, organic and athletic.

Trends S/S 2018 – EXTREME – Concept & Materials - Arsutoria

Yellow, gold, warm and earthy colours are typically summery. Renewing the new camo tones with more fresh hues. Gold brown, golden yellow, orange, golden
sand, green gold are perfectly in harmony with organic tones of mud, military green, rough stone, desert reds.

Vegetable, distressed or aniline leathers with destroyed, oiled, waxed finishing in combination with high-tech materials coming from extreme sports. Leather with very evident grains for an arrogant male appeal. Distressed split leather finished with unusual effects.
Shimmed and light finishes are also doubled with other materials. Natural rugged, worn out combination with sport performance. Contrasts that explore rebellious and provocative mixes.
Multi layered mix materials for bottoms and hybrid uppers. Polished and frosted contrasting brush off for daring combinations. Vegetable leather treated with red pigments, rusty, with oxidized orange effects.
Colourful and thick plexiglass are combined with worn-out vegetable leather. Canvas and very thick cotton, irregular textures with bright yarns.
Rubberized coating, paper, sandblasted, dusty touch. Unstructured calfskin is even in refinished grains.
Mixtures of rough + gold + plastic + smart materials. Combinations of effects, finishes and materials that emphasize the rebellion.

Trends S/S 2018 – EXTREME – Concept & Materials Arsutoria

Leather: Gruppo Mastrotto – Textile: Coronet – Chain: CdC – Metal accessories: Moro Minuterie – Sole: Italsform

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