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14 mar. 2022
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Gamer Trend - Spring/Summer 2023 (Studio Annflor Sangan)

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14 mar. 2022

Gamer is a trend that puts forward an alternative reality to ours. The development of virtual reality in recent years makes us think more and more that the future will be in an artificial world.

The arrival of the metaverse and the increasing realism in video games offer us a world where everything can be perfect. Like a second chance that we would be offered to improve our real life, to change everything that we can't change in real life. This trend also shows a new way of escaping the harsh reality of the world.

In virtual worlds everything is already programmed, we don't leave a certain comfort zone, we know the characters, we decide on the weather and our "physical" appearance. In virtual worlds there are no diseases, no pollution and above all, we can disconnect whenever we want.

The colors of this trend represent these perfect worlds with bright greens to show that the virtual nature never dies, a perfect blue to represent the water, carnal colors that show the involvement of the human being in all this... a trend that invites reflection.


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Today a member of the colour and trend consultation at the PREMIERE VISION show, ANNFLOR SANGAN is a creative strategy studio that positions itself as an alternative to trend offices and style consultancies with their standardised offer and "turnkey" services.

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