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25 mar. 2021
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Women’s wear - Fall/Winter 2022-23 (ItaltexTrends)

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25 mar. 2021


Work time. Formal, refined and reassuring clothes or cosy ones, for the ever-growing smart working. Sustainable regenerated wool in subdued optical patterns, tubular weaves. Delicate colours fulfil the need for peace and natural purity.


City life. Coloured streetwear rich of contaminations. The mix & match of vintage clothes contributes to creating a very personal style and sustainable living.


Socialization. Time spent with friends, attending shows, meeting for a drink or a dinner - time for serenity and a stylish look. Space colours for a rippled velvet, crepe organza, or a touch of purple in a tweed jacket.


Party time. The night is light up by the metallic sparks and glints of printed laminas and shiny yarns.
From the Italtex fabric and colour trend book with fabric swatches and Pantone® reference numbers Womenswear AW 2022/23.

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