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10 mar. 2021
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Men's Key Color Report - Fall/Winter 2022 (Trend Council)

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10 mar. 2021

Our Seasonal color reports help you get just the right shade of color for the season you are developing into or updating immediate goods you are manufacturing or buying. For Men’s FW22 we are offering 29 key shades and find that in these stressful times, calming cool blue and green tones become more important and traditional autumnal shades emerge.
FW22 Blues take on a more sophisticated expression with deep and mid-tone peacock blue, light periwinkle and a clinical cobalt.

FW22 Green tones are anchored in more traditional tones of deep and mid-tone spruce green, ripe olive and newest fashion tone of green tea.

FW22 Warm tones take on traditional autumnal hues with pumpkin spice, ripe persimmon, bright pumpkin and mustard seed.

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Trend Council prides itself on being an affordable design tool for designers, buyers, print studios, textile companies and manufacturers. We offer a clear visual path to the latest trends that will shape your business.

Our researchers come from inside the industry and understand when you are developing into one season, how difficult it is to research the next. We do the legwork for future seasons and make your product development process seamless. Helping you make accurate decisions to grow your business. 

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