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30 oct. 2020
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Fashion For Breakfast: Catwalks Mood from S/S 21

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30 oct. 2020

Sporty Preppy

The perfect meeting of two apparently separate worlds finds its full expression in the “Sporty Preppy” mood, where Spring/Summer 2021 is tinged with playful and feminine colours, renewing the concept of sportswear.
In fact many details and pieces in the mood come from the world of sports: sweatshirts, athletic and fitted tops, biker shorts or sweatpants and zippers.

The indisputable femininity of romantic pieces is added to these classically sporty and casual elements, carrying us off to a dreamy atmosphere. These elements include air-light veils and decorated laces and flounces that embellish or shape the clothing, floral prints and fluttering skirts.

Natural femininity

This mood brings back delicate femininity, almost alluding to an ancient style of times past.
The “Natural Femininity” theme conveys just that: a mixture of sensuality and naturalness, straddling easy elegance and hints of modernity.
As though they have been pulled out of an old chest of drawers, having survived the dust of time, we find pieces that celebrate craftsmanship and are the core of the entire mood: crochet, with its see-through effect, flower prints with their vintage style, and lace that takes us back in time.
Combined with these elements of bucolic and soft femininity are the see-through effects of finer fabrics that give the mood the tiniest hint of sensuality.

Fresh Holidays

A never-ending holiday. This is how we could summarise the “Fresh Holiday” mood, a theme that, like the name suggests, takes us far away from the buildings of the city, allowing us to dream of a blue horizon.
Imbibed with an after-taste that alludes to the eccentricity of the fashion of the ‘90s, prints are the stars of the mood.
Very colourful and mixed together, they come to life on shiny fabrics with every movement: a kaleidoscope of bright colours that embody the cheer and carefree essence of summer holidays.

Functional formality​

This term describes the transition from the cold of the winter to the reawakening of the spring: on a base of serious colours, hints of fresh and bright colours bloom, as though they are representing the essence of spring.

The strict world of the office wardrobe, featuring clean, men’s-cut suits, is renewed and revitalised by the addition of modern utility details from the world of sportswear.

The serious and classic palette associated with the work world is illuminated by Pantone 16-0230 Macaw Green, a pistachio green that is both soft and striking. In the same way, the glacial blue of Pantone 14-4809 Eggshell Blue enriches the technical fabrics with metallic hues making clothes look ethereal.

The entire mood is available here:

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