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21 jul. 2020
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Trendzoom : Design Womenswear Summer/Spring 2021

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21 jul. 2020

The future of apparel is being shaped by present experiences. Going forward, womenswear will be designed with a mindful approach to meet the needs of an increasingly conscious consumer. This SS21 design report offers new solutions and fresh ideas to inspire creativity and confidence.

This concise design report covers a wide range of women’s apparel including jersey/knitwear, tailoring, casualwear and soft separates. It also offers analysis on the key fabric choices, colours, patterns and prints for SS21. Design flats are fully downloadable and easy to adapt. The three themes: SOURCE, RESET & VOICE offer different approaches to the challenges ahead.

SOURCE – Finding the connection to nature through natural raw materials, watery lines and floral patterns. Source is a contrast between this ‘soft’ nature-inspired design and ‘hard’ utility styles – exploring the practical and durable aspects of workwear and uniforms.

RESET – As consumers demand more from their clothing, form and function become key factors. Reset pivots towards clean, minimal design with an emphasis on comfort. These lean looks embrace soft materials and tactile surfaces inspired by the home environment.

VOICE – Designs take inspiration from the construction and line of vintage and retro designs – reconnecting to traditional materials and handcrafted finishing. Voice also connects on a cultural level through slogans and thought-provoking images.

The TRENDZOOM DESIGN womenswear SS21 is a 38-page report published: July, 2020.

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