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1 abr. 2020
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Trendzoom : Design Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2020-2021

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1 abr. 2020

This Design issue turns concepts and fashion theory into actionable design flats for the women/youth apparel sector. These inspiring designs form the building blocks of the season with key silhouettes and the latest style lines. 

Clothing is unique and original with unexpected distortions, new style lines and clever construction. Flex challenges designers to redefine the rules, take a fresh look at design and go beyond the normal limitations of clothing.

It’s time to embrace technology on our terms. Fluid Tech invites an easy approach to hi-tech construction and fabric innovation. Shapes are curvilinear and connect to the body with soft structure, drape and drawstrings.

A tide of uncertainty encourages a move towards styles which offer stability, comfort and a connection to the familiar. Expect a move into heritage-connected pattern, a pull towards home-centric softness and renewed interest in durable workwear.

The TRENDZOOM Design womenswear Forecast is a 35-page report published: October, 2019.

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