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29 mar. 2009
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fashionpanorama.com - Girls' trend forecasting pack

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29 mar. 2009


An energetic, sporty and colorful, graphic story !

Clothes are inspired by moving a sport wardrobe in a streetwear direction. A reference icon : the « Yelle » brand.

Multi-pocketed, baggy, canvas streetwear pants, colorful, ripped, worn slim jeans, blue denim shorts, baggy bermudas, puff-sleeved sweatshirt top, XXL T-shirt, T-shirt tunic, layered colorful tank top, hooded sweatshirt in allover, playful, mini-prints.

A graphic, colorful theme : black and white or multicolored motifs, modern tags with sporty effects, playful skulls, comic strip motifs, street graffiti, mini allover prints.

* 22 colour models (+22 models B&W) Files in Adobe Illustrator compatible with Corel Draw
* 10 graphics logos Files in Adobe Illustrator compatible with Corel Draw
* 2 moods (with pantone colours set and photo details)

Courtesy Fashionpanorama.

More details about this pack here.

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