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8 nov. 2018
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Trendzoom: Trend Forecast A/W 2019-2020

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8 nov. 2018

Fashion reacts to its surroundings and as society and politics change, so does fashion. We’re in an age of fast fashion, slow art, soft tech and hard politics – change and disruption are everywhere – not least in fashion. Brands are shaking up the system from the ground up, seasons are blurring, with some replaced entirely by multiple product drops announced on social media.

This indispensable report for AW 2019/20 sets out 3 CORE TRENDS: : SPECTRUM, OPEN and HIGHER.  The result of extensive multidisciplinary research these trends are expertly applied to Women, Men and Youth categories providing solid direction for apparel and accessory markets.

COLOUR FORECAST - embracing diversity through a broad and varied range of colour...

SPECTRUM - looks at fashion’s methods of creating visual friction by bringing together multiple influences into single dynamic looks.

Focus on fabric with amazing light-catching fibres, holographic sequins and colour-absorbing sheers. Choose fabrics with interesting yarns and incorporate movement with long hairy fibres or fringes. Have fun with accessories adding glittery finishes or combinations of unexpected materials.

COLOUR FORECAST - combining softness and vitality, the palette connects to the senses in a physical way...

OPEN - taps into an expressive, socially-connected form of design with wide appeal. A safe space to open up the creative mind.

Play around with proportions by styling single oversized items along with regular or slimline pieces. Move shapes away from the body with volume and flared outlines. Cut into silhouettes to add angles and dipped hemlines.

COLOUR FORECAST - striking a creative balance between natural and manmade environments...

HIGHER - has a strong sense of awareness and a solid connection to nature. It reaches beyond the superficial and taps into our humanity.

Styles open up to reveal unexpected layers, interesting textures or bare skin. Use lace to contrast with tailored styles or textured outerwear. Create added movement with frills, flared hemlines or deep splits.

The complete trend forecast is an 84-page report published: August, 2018.

TRENDZOOM, Fashion Trend Forecasting Service delivers both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion community. The company remains an independent force in the marketplace, and one that continues to accurately anticipate trends ahead of the competition.



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